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Immigration Is A Difficult Process Simplifying The Journey With The Aid Of An Immigration Lawyer

Immigration isn’t an easy process. It can certainly be less difficult, when you take the right steps.

When you’re trying to become a permanent U.S. citizen you’re no doubt thinking less about the intricacies of law and more about what you can do for your family. Thousands every year apply to be granted residency in the country, but only some are accepted. Whether or not your story is one of success depends on the strength of your E2 visa attorney. They can walk you through each step, ensuring nothing escapes your notice, and answer any questions you have. They can also assist with issues concerning deportation and child custody.

The best immigration lawyer can turn a dream into a reality. Here are the five most common questions about today’s immigration process.

How Many People Apply For Residency Every Year?

The United States is a diverse nation and this only gets more true by the day. Recent studies have found more than 60% of the immigrants in the country today have lived here for at least 15 years. When it comes to immigrants applying, this number has seen a significant uptick over the past decade. Nearly one million immigrants will receive green cards on a yearly basis. The type of visas you’ll need depends on various factors, such as your job and the size of your family.

What Types Of Employment Visas Are There?

Everyone needs individual attention when it comes to an issue as complex as immigration. Your situation doesn’t look like anyone else’s, so it stands to reason even your card or visa will change, too. The five types of employment-based visas in the United States are the EB1, the EB2, the EB3, the EB4, and the EB5. The Immigrant Investor Program (also known as the EB5) was created by the United States Congress’ Immigration Act back in 1990. Business immigration attorneys will be able to help you narrow things down.

What Is A Green Card?

You might qualify instead for a green card. As stated above, millions will go through this process, though only some will be accepted. The function of a green card is to allow an immigrant to both live and work in the country permanently. Failing to go through this can run the risk of exposing you and your family to deportation. You might also qualify for E2 visas, depending on your work history and what you plan on doing in the future.

What Are E2 Visas?

If you own and operate a business, you might qualify for E2 visas when applying to live in the United States. This will pave the way for you to continue growing your business ventures without fear of deportation or economic blowback. While E2 visas and their applications have been approved for investments of less than $100,000 if all criteria is met, there are still general guidelines you should follow. These include that the E2 investment will be more than $100,000 eventually. If this sounds a touch confusing, business immigration lawyers can clear things up.

Can An Immigration Lawyer Help Me?

Immigration is only becoming a more common story. The American Immigration Council has reported around 10% of the people living in Indiana are either immigrants or the children of immigrants. Certain states are also seeing some of the biggest immigration rates, including California, Texas, Florida, Illinois, and New York. The success rate of your green card or E2 visas are best done with a helping hand. Laws are always changing, after all, and someone to shoulder the burden can make all the difference.

Give yourself the best possible chance at success. Ask an E2 visa attorney for help.

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