What to Look for in Personal Injury Law Attorneys

How can you tell if the personal injury lawyer you’ve chosen to represent you is the best choice? Where do you even start looking for these personal injury law attorneys? It can be difficult to choose the correct person to handle your legal case. Whether you need a lawyer because you were hurt in a vehicle accident or because you need one because you had a hip replacement, you want to be sure they are the best choice.

Anyone may create a polished and expert website, but how can you tell who is truly qualified? And from where should you start looking?

The first piece of advice is to ask friends and family to recommend personal injury law attorneys to you. Word of mouth will continue to exist. Asking friends and family for a recommendation to a lawyer who previously represented them is the best method of finding a reputable personal injury lawyer.

Prior to signing, be careful to negotiate fees. The typical contingency fee for personal injury lawyers is about a third of the final settlement or judgment plus office costs. Make sure you understand the attorney’s fees from the beginning and ask the lawyer what he or she means when they state “no charge if no recovery.”

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