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Three Facts Everyone Needs to Know About Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

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Of the three primary forms of bankruptcy in the U.S., Chapter 11 bankruptcy might be the least common — in 2013, 8,890 Chapter 11 bankruptcies were filed out of the total 1,071,932 bankruptcies filed.

That doesn’t mean that Chapter 11 bankruptcies aren’t helpful — they are just more specific and help a certain type of filer in particular.

Do you know as much as you ought to about the Chapter 11 bankruptcy timeline? To understand if this is the right type of bankruptcy help for you, here are the three most essential facts about Chapter 11 bankruptcy explained:

Chapter 11 bankruptcy helps companies and businesses

Most Chapter 11 bankruptcies are filed by companies, corporations and other organizations — entities that consist of more than one person. For these c

What Inventors, Creators, and Other Innovators Need to Know About Patent Filing

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When an entrepreneur in any field creates a new product, design, or other item, they have to protect what is known as their intellectual property. Intellectual property covers anything that is a unique creation to that person. In the United States and throughout the world, these ideas are protected under copyrights, trademarks, and patents, among other formats. Patents, especially, can be tricky to navigate given that they must be filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in order to have a hand in preventing infringement, but the patent filing process can confusing for those who are new to it.

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Three Things You Need to Know About an Uncontested Divorce

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Divorce for business owners

One of the most emotionally stressful experiences a person can go through is a divorce. There are a number of different factors that come into play — the dissolution of a personal and romantic relationship, the separation of assets, and in many cases the placement of children. Divorce is almost never pleasant, but it doesn’t actually have to be a completely negative experience. Here are a few things you should know about uncontested divorce.

1. What is an uncontested divorce?
No all divorces end up being bitter, long, drawn out battles (though the average length of divorce proceedings in the United States is one year). An uncontested divorce basically means that both parties in the marriage agree to the divorce

5 Important Questions About Employment Law, Answered

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Employment laws exist to protect workers against exploitation; however, it can be difficult for them to do this when workers are so often underinformed as to what their rights are. Below are answers to five of the most common — and most commonly misunderstood — employment-related questions you might have:

  1. What Is At-Will Employment?

    Most employment in the United States is “at will,” meaning that an employer can fire you at any time even if you have done nothing wrong. Your employer is not required to tell you why you are being dismissed, or give you a warning. However, there are some important limits in place; you cannot, for example, be fired based on discrimination against your race, color, religion, sex, national origin or disability status. Some jurisdi

Can an At-Will Employee Pursue a Wrongful Termination Case?

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If you’ve been fired unexpectedly, or for reasons that feel unfair, it’s easy to start looking up employment attorneys in the heat of the moment to contest your termination. But while rights for employees will protect you in some situations, wrongful termination lawyers won’t be able to help you in every situation, especially if you signed an at-will agreement.

Even the strongest wrongful dismissal cases can be thrown out the moment your employer holds up that little sheet of paper you signed when you were hired. Many employers require potential employees to sign an at-will agreement before

Three Tips for Preserving Evidence in Your Personal Injury Claim

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The key to successful personal injury lawsuits is providing enough valuable evidence of the accident and being able to prove liability. Though many personal injury cases never even make it to the courtroom — between 95% and 96% of personal injury lawsuits are settled out of court — it’s still important to protect your case and increase your chances of getting appropriately compensated. Here are a few tips for gathering the right evidence to