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Three Things You Need to Know About an Uncontested Divorce

Divorce isn’t always complicated. You and your partner can go through the process without fighting over who gets what, making hiring family law lawyers seem unnecessary. However, even uncontested divorces benefit from the help of a legal professional.

While you may handle it amicably, there’s much more involved in the dissolution of a marriage than the emotional aspect. Regarding the divorce proceedings, you’ll likely wonder, ‘My spouse filed for divorce now what’. You need someone who understands the ins and outs of the process and the legal ramifications.

A divorce attorney can answer your questions, including ‘How long should I keep divorce papers’ to ‘How do I get separated legally.’ Sometimes, even if you may begin the process while on the same page with your partner, you can’t ignore how sensitive divorce can be.

Things can get nasty in the middle as emotions get more intense and new discoveries, such as financial dishonesty and infidelity, come up. In such a case, you’ll need a divorce attorney in your corner to ensure you don’t make hasty decisions in the heat of the moment. They’ll advise you on things like ‘Can I contact my husband’s attorney’ and other aspects of the divorce.

While it may initially seem unnecessary, hiring a divorce attorney for your uncontested divorce is wise.

Couples who get divorced typically fight about everything because their love turns into hate and resentment. However, a few people know that others grow apart and that separation doesn’t have to be messy, so they decide to get an uncontested divorce, which doesn’t require a complicated divorce lawyer, although it doesn’t hurt.

You can ask the expert some vital questions, such as “My spouse filed for divorce now what?” and “how do I get separated legally?” Some people also wonder about leaving the country after divorce, and there shouldn’t be any issue as long as the matter remains uncontested and you both sign everything properly. You may have more worries like “my husband and I divorced for religious reasons, now what?”

It’s simply better to get a professional in divorce to answer all those concerns properly. The only complicated aspect, even in an uncontested separation, is children. Custody and child support are tricky to settle, but a good attorney will find a middle ground that makes the parents happy. As long as you both agree, the process can be expedited, but there are still several matters you should understand. Let’s find out more so your uncontested divorce can be filed quickly.

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One of the most emotionally stressful experiences a person can go through is a divorce. There are a number of different factors that come into play — the dissolution of a personal and romantic relationship, the separation of assets, and in many cases the placement of children. Divorce is almost never pleasant, but it doesn’t actually have to be a completely negative experience. Here are a few things you should know about uncontested divorce.

1. What is an uncontested divorce?
No all divorces end up being bitter, long, drawn out battles (though the average length of divorce proceedings in the United States is one year). An uncontested divorce basically means that both parties in the marriage agree to the divorce and the terms of it (when it comes to separation of assets and child custody, etc). A divorce might also be considered to be uncontested if the other spouse does not appear in the divorce action.

2. Do I still need an attorney?
Yes. Even if a divorce is done amicably, each party in the marriage needs to get his or her own uncontested divorce attorney. The divorce is still a legal process, and it’s very important to have someone to guide and represent you through the process. Furthermore, having an uncontested divorce attorney means that you’ll have an objective person to help you make sense of things.

3. What are the benefits of it?
One of the main benefits of an uncontested divorce is that it’s less expensive. Since there are no problems to work through or negotiations to be made, the process will go a lot more smoothly and quickly, which means you’ll pay less legal fees. Uncontested divorces are also much more pleasant to deal with emotionally, since they aren’t bitter.

Have you ever had an uncontested divorce? Do you have any other divorce advice? Feel free to share with us in the comments section below.

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