How to Know If You Need an ERISA Lawyers

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Everyone knows that those who suffer a permanent injury at work may be entitled to worker’s compensation from their company. And with good reason: according to the Social Security Administration, 8,827,795 Americans received disability benefits in 2012 alone. However, many injured workers do not receive the compensation they are legally allowed; this could be due to a number of reasons, legitimate or illegitimate. But if you were injured in a workplace injury, are now suffering from long term affects, and believe that you are being unfairly deprived of compensation payments by your company, you may need to contact an ERISA lawyer.

“What does ERISA mean?” you may ask. “What is ERISA law?” ERISA, or the Employee Retirement Security Income Act, is a set of federal guidelines enacted in 1974 that governs how companies handle worker’s compensation cases and also gives the injured the right to sue for benefits and breaches of worker’s compensation. An ERISA lawyer is versed in the various aspects of the ERISA act and can properly advise the injured on their situation and the law.

ERISA rules set numerous guidelines for businesses and individuals: for example, ERISA requires insurance plans to provide participants with regular information on funding and regulations. ERISA also guarantees the payment of specific benefits outlined in the act, and requires that a plan participant, such as the injured party, be given 180 days to complete an application for benefits.

This act has numerous implications for those entitled to worker’s compensation: if you were given less than 180 days to submit your benefits applications, have stopped receiving payments, or have not been given adequate information about your funding and applicable regulations, you should speak with an ERISA lawyer about your case. Additionally, if you feel that there is another problem with the way your benefits are being handled, or were handled, you should also contact an ERISA lawyer to discuss your concerns. When your accident occurred, your life changed permanently; don’t let your former company deprive you of more still. Contact an ERISA lawyer today.

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