The Ugly Truth About DUI Charges

If you are caught driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you can get in serious trouble. DUI classification puts it as a serious crime, which means you could get jail time if you’re found guilty. While criminal defense lawyers can potentially get you a lighter sentence, they can’t guarantee you’ll be found innocent. Whether the DUI conviction rate in your area is high or low, it is not worth taking the chance that you’ll be caught.

Whether it is alcohol or DUI controlled substance schedule 2 or 3, driving under the influence puts you and the other people on the road in serious danger. This is why a DUI controlled substance combination of alcohol drugs 1st offense can lead to such harsh consequences. If you think you are able to drive, despite being intoxicated, you need to find a sober driver anyway. Drugs and alcohol impair judgment and reaction time, two things that are extremely necessary when you’re driving a car. If you can’t properly drive your vehicle, you might kill yourself or someone else.



If you were to ever find yourself facing felony DUI charges as a result of poor decision-making, would you know what steps to take? Even if you find yourself overcome with worry about your family, job, and reputation, your first priority should be finding the best DUI defense attorney possible.

Although the drunk driving laws vary by state, the legal consequences of a DUI conviction are always serious. Of course, the legal ramifications usually are harshest for repeat offenders, but even first-time drunk driving offenders can lose their drivers’ licenses for several months, and even spend a year in jail. In fact, every convicted drunk driver in New York state automatically loses his or her license for a minimum of six months. Also, it is not unusual for first-time offenders in Georgia and Florida to receive up to a years in jail.

Dui attorney fees

Regardless of the state in which a driver is charged for drunk driving, the best chance he or she has for beating DUI charges is by enlisting the services of a top DUI defense lawyer. While the best DUI attorney costs more than your run-of-the-mill criminal attorney, when you’re facing a year or more behind bars, and a felony conviction on your record, DUI attorney costs are the least of your problems. Besides, some of the very best DUI lawyers allow their clients to make payment; and some even give discounts to first-time offenders.

Whatever the cost ends up being, the most important thing is having a lawyer representing you with enough experience and success that can actually give the client an edge. This is because the most experienced DUI attorneys know how to defend against breathalyzers, seek out witnesses for the defense, and create reasonable doubt.

The best DUI attorneys possess highly developed strategies that can help their clients to beat a DUI conviction. In order for defendants to give themselves that advantage, they cannot hesitate to seek out the very best DUI attorney available.
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