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Three Dangerous Holiday Decoration Injuries to Avoid During the Year

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The holidays can be an exciting time of the year, but that doesn’t mean ignoring basic safety issues. When it comes to decorating a home, there are plenty of accidents that can happen inside and outside. This gives homeowners several holiday decoration injuries to avoid, and they can by using basic safety precautions around the house.

While string lights or other electrical objects, there are several incidents that may require the assistance of a personal injury attorney if you’re not careful. Here are three events throughout the year that can lead to holiday decoration injuries to avoid:


    The evenings of October 31 is known for tricks and treats, but tricks, especially, can be dangerous. Jumping out and scaring trick-or-treaters may sound fun, but it can also lead to an accident on your property. That could lead to parenting calling a personal injury lawyer if their children are injured. Additionally, you can get injured when you prepare for the festivities. Be careful hanging up lights, and make sure to supervise children when carving jackolanterns. And don’t forget to blow out the candle in the jackolantern each night, so you don’t put your home at risk for a fire.


    Many homeowners love to decorate for Christmas, and perhaps the most dangerous decoration to hang up is a string of Christmas lights. From falling off a ladder to getting electrocuted, there are several things that can wrong with these decorations. Other decorations that run on electricity, such as Christmas tree lights or large inflatable decorations for the lawn can also pose a fire or electrical hazard. Make sure that anything plugged in is grounded and safe from water or snow. While Christmas decorations can look beautiful, they also present several holiday decoration injuries to avoid.

    Independence Day

    The Fourth of July may not come with traditional “decorations,” but it is still one of the most dangerous days of the year for many Americans. Why, you may ask? Because many homeowners choose to set off fireworks on their own. Not only is this illegal in several states, but it is also dangerous. Explosives can injure you or anyone else who handles them, and they can also cause significant property damage if you’re not careful.

    Just as there are workplace safety issues associated with dangerous working conditions, you also shouldn’t risk your safety at home. If you’re wondering when to call a personal injury attorney, make sure you seek medical attention first and then think about working with an attorney.

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