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Four of the Most Bizarre Rules of the Road in the Nation

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Did you know that in New Jersey, motorists have to honk before they pass someone? Even weirder than that is the fact that that’s not the only strange legal statute on the books. Recent legislative history research has unearthed a few more surprisingly bizarre rules of the road. Here are just a few the law research found.

No Dogs on Your Roof Rack in Alaska.

Although most people correctly use their car’s roof racks for skis, canoes, snowboards, or kayaks, some people in the Last Frontier apparently do not. Believe it or not, Alaska has a legal statute specifically forbidding its citizens from tethering a dog to the roof of their cars.

Don’t Jump in California!

California may be home to scores of stunt-people, but it’s not one for taking any risks. The Golden State has a legal statute making it illegal for anyone to jump from a vehicle that’s traveling 65 miles per hour or more. Even stranger than that is the fact that people can get in even more trouble after that, since there’s also a law prohibiting driverless vehicles from traveling in excess of 60 MPH.

Hit a Pedestrian For a Low-Cost in Florida.

Just about every local government has a legal statute make it expressly illegal to hit someone with your car. If you do, you will face punitive measures. In Sarasota, Florida, the fine for hitting a person is just a measly $78 bucks. Although that’s a lot more money than many people might want to pay in fines, some might consider it to be a fair price for hitting certain people.

Although these rules of the road seem to lack any semblance of legislative intent, it’s quite likely that they did attempt to protect drivers and citizens at one point. Now, however, these legal statutes serve as bizarre relics from another time.

If you know of any other weird rules of the road, feel free to share in the comments.

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