I Need a Divorce and I Need It Now!

Cost of divorce lawyer

The hits seem to just keep coming. You finally made the decision to leave your husband after years of trying to survive in a miserable marriage, and now you just found out that your hours are being cut at work. Since no one is offering to take any cut in the bills you pay, it looks like you will have to find a second job to make up the difference.
Good thing the low cost lawyers for divorce you are working with have provided sound advice and you actually have some money put away that should be able to tide you over until you have the time to find the second job.
Women file for two-thirds of the divorces that occur nearly every thirty seconds in America. Especially for women who are leaving an abusive situation, it is very important to talk to a lawyer about getting divorce help. Women with children are especially vulnerable if they do not get help in planning before the divorce papers are served.
Low cost lawyers for divorce can offer the assistance of not only their legal advice, but also suggestions for other places in a community that provide help to a woman and her children who are leaving a bad, or even dangerous, situation. In a time of crisis, these women may not be aware of the organizations that can be of help:

  • Domestic violence and abuse help centers and shelters
  • Local safe shelters in the community that can serve as a refuge for women and children
  • Area churches that provide clothing closets for families who needed to leave quickly and have no belongings
  • State coalition list of phone numbers that provide emergency services in time of family crisis
  • Area food pantries who can provide emergency provisions
  • Free counseling services that are available to women and children

Although divorce can seem like a lonely and scary time, with the right connections the struggle may not seem so overwhelming. Low cost lawyers for divorce are often the people who have the best connections with people within their given community who can provide the most assistance and guidance.
Another option is to ask a family lawyer if you think you will be filing uncontested divorce papers. Some cases that do not have to go through a formal divorce hearing can be less expensive and also very timely. Depending on the state where the divorce is filed, the fastest divorce can take effect immediately or as long as six months after the initial divorce petition is filed.
Sometimes there is really no hope for bad situations, and the best thing to do is immediately remove yourself and your children from unhealthy or dangerous situations. When you feel like the hits just keep coming, make sure that you seek legal advice and ask for other support agencies who are available to help.

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