The Many Responsibilities of Driving

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Having the ability to drive oneself wherever you want is a benefit. It provides you with convenient transportation to important destinations, such as employment, education, and social events. Personal transportation allows you to jump into your vehicle and drive anywhere you desire, at any moment of the day. However, along with the benefit comes responsibility. Driving is a huge responsibility. This is why most states require minimum driving lesson times and a final exam to ensure that the driver has learned the state?s rules of driving. Even with the passing of this test and the completion of the driving hours, drivers can find themselves in legal trouble while driving a vehicle.

One of the most common traffic violations is not following the state?s driving laws. This might include speed limits, construction zone areas, ignoring stop and yield signs, ignoring traffic lights, and improper passing laws. These are all laws that the driver learns during their driving education. They may forget the laws or they may make a driving mistake, often leading to a traffic ticket, or a speeding ticket.

Generally, a single speeding ticket is not a big deal. In fact, 112,000 people get speeding tickets every day on average. (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). A first time offense may be given a break. The ticket may be reduced to prevent any points going onto the driving record. The fine may even be dropped in lieu of an essay or some type of community service, depending on the state. However, when multiple speeding tickets occur, insurance rates may increase and the driver?s license may be questioned. It is possible to lose a driver?s license from too many traffic infractions.
Legal representation is usually not needed for minor traffic infractions, unless the person has received multiple tickets and their driving license is being questioned. When the driving license is in question, a traffic attorney may be needed for proper representation.

Driving consequences become more serious when substances like alcohol or drugs are involved. An accident that occurs from someone speeding will find more legal forgiveness and reduced fines than someone who caused an accident from a DUI charge. A traffic violation that is the result of driving under the influence becomes a more serious offense. In most DUI offenses, an attorney is needed for representation.

Approximately 4,000 people are arrested each day for drunk driving. (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). About 29% of convicted drunk drivers are repeat offenders. (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Someone who is charged with a speeding ticket may simply see a fine and a couple of points on their license. A person who is charged with a speeding ticket from drunk driving will see increased fines, additional points, a driver license court, probation, court fees, possible jail time, possible drunk and alcohol classes, and restricted licensing rules. These restricted rules might include strict driving to and from work or school and no additional passengers allowed in the vehicle.

The person may also be restricted from frequenting bars or any establishments that serve alcohol, regardless if they are the one driving or not. The attempt is to change the drinking and driving pattern of the individual. In most cases, a DUI attorney is needed to negotiate the specific terms of the drunk driving legal case.

Driving is a responsibility that has to be earned. States require that their drivers pass minimum driving times and exams. They are punished and fined when they commit a driving crime. Smaller crimes, like minor traffic violations and speeding tickets carry lower punishments. Other crimes that are considered more serious, such as driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol carry more serious of consequences. When more serious of consequences are at risk, a DUI attorney is needed to properly negotiate the terms of the legal sentence.

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