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Are You About to Hire the Right Fraud Litigation Lawyer?

Every year businesses across the United States fall prey to fraud. In 2014 alone, 633 cases touching on corporate fraud were pending in court. With the statistics showing that companies, on average, lose 5% of their revenue due to fraud, you must find a way to plug the hole and not erode your margins further.

One method that you can use to deal with corporate fraud is to take it to litigation, especially when there is no other viable option. Litigation can be expensive and emotionally draining, and as such, you need an exceptional lawyer through it all. Here are some of the traits outstanding litigation attorneys possess that you should look for when hiring a business attorney.

1. Qualifications and Reputation

Anytime you want to put your matters in the hands of litigation attorneys, there should be no question as to their skill and reputation. Find out if the business attorney you want to bring onboard for your case qualifies to operate in that capacity.

In addition to possessing valid credentials, any litigation attorneys you engage should have a demonstrable track record in the particular area your case is in. For example, if you have a securities fraud case you want to bring, you can’t go looking for a probate litigation attorney. A lawyer specializing in your particular area of focus will possess the necessary relationships and domain knowledge to expedite your case.

The best business attorney for you is one who has more than one client saying something positive about them. Thus, it is imperative that before you sign any contract, you first talk to past clients and hear what they have to say about the attorney. Should you be unable to speak to previous clients in person, you can access online reviews to help you figure out the lawyer’s reputation.

2. Good Listening Skills

There are no two ways about it; excellent litigation attorneys know how to listen to their client’s needs. A lawyer who can pay close attention to you will provide clear, empathetic guidance through the problem at hand. If you want to get a high level of service, this is one character trait you must assess when you initially interact with any business attorney.

Whenever corporate fraud is involved, emotions can run high. Whether you want to hire an estate planning attorney or a stockbroker fraud lawyer, they must possess the knack to wisely guide you through the emotional aspects of the case so that you can remain objective. No business attorney is exempt from this critical trait.

3. A Positive Attitude

Hiring a lawyer who has a positive outlook sounds rather simplistic, but you will be surprised how many clients have to deal with surly lawyers. Anyone who has gone through business litigation will tell you that it’s no walk in the park. There are many obstacles your case will encounter. As such, you need a lawyer who sees the glass as half full to enable you to pull out silver linings in the proceedings during the difficult moments.

No matter how qualified the litigation attorneys are, no lawyers should ever make you feel ashamed or judged. Their job is to objectively make your case in front of the court and the other party.

4. Straight Shooter

A valuable business attorney is one who will speak to you empathetically but still give the facts as they are. When you first talk to the attorney analyze how upfront they are when assessing the merits and demerits of your case. No business fraud issue is a slam dunk since there is no certainty once you step before a jury, judge, or even an arbitrator. If the lawyer tells you that the case is open and shut, then that is a cavalier litigator whom you would be wise to avoid.

The Right Lawyer Can Make Litigation Easier

Business fraud is pervasive and can cost your firm a chunk of its revenues. Unless you plug the fraud hole, you will continue losing money and dismissing your company’s potential. Identify the technical and interpersonal skills that make an excellent business attorney and pick the right lawyer for your case.

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