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Police Chases Truck Through Golf Course

What would you do if you were enjoying a nice game of golf on a Sunday afternoon when a truck comes barreling onto the green. This is one of the many oddities that was captured by a police officer’s dashcam. The officer was in pursuit of a truck when it veered onto the green. In this video, you will find out what happens next. For reference, it is the third clip in the video.

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The police officer continued the chase on the green with this crazed driver. Thankfully, there were not people out on the green at the time so it was just open area to drive. Unfortunately, the vehicles were likely leaving behind some deep tire marks on the grass. Even so, the chase continued up and down winding hills and sand traps. Eventually, a grey truck slams into the suspect’s truck. It is not obvious whether this is another officer or a good Samaritan. Regardless, this bump spun the truck out and allowed the officer a chance to pin the vehicle. The suspect got out of her car and was promptly arrested. She is going to be in some real deep legal trouble. She may need to contact a bail bond service if she wants to stay out of jail until her court hearing.


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