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Criminal and DUI Defense Attorneys and Working with a DUI Law Firm

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In reference to DUIs, attorneys are needed most often across the United States. So many drunk driving accidents occur every year that there is now great value for DUI law firms and all of the support that they can supply to those who are guilty of drunk driving. Even more than defense, these attorneys are needed to cover both sides of DUI law.

The Need for DUI Attorneys

While there are about 300,00 drunk drivers on the road daily, only about 4,000 of these individuals are arrested. This increases the need for either policing of areas where these drivers are located most often or even criminal investigation to those cases where hit-and-run accidents have occurred.

Additionally, about every two minutes there is a drunk driving crash that causes an injury. It has been reported that these accidents occur from drives that most likely have driven drunk at least 80 times previously before the first time being arrested. No matter what, a DUI conviction may cost someone at l

The Need for an Attorney for Success in The Patent Process

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The patent process may seem like a straightforward one, but there are more steps than you think. It is hard to believe that not every idea or invention can be patented, and the patent application process must be completed with caution. There may be others who claim they may have had the same idea well before you, delaying the process to obtain a patent.

Trademark and Patent Law

Given the laws around intellectual property, patent attorneys are very important to the patent process. Given the many challenges throughout the process, you are among about 500,000 applications received by the USPTO every year. Therefore, a lot of room exists for applications to be delayed or pushed back if they do not seem to be as important. While an application filing may only allow a new patent to last 20 years, it is also important to remember that within the 12 industries that use patents, only about half of all applications

A Look At Common Personal Injury Cases Here In The United States

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From motorcycle accident claims to wrongful death cases, personal injury cases are quite common all throughout the United States, and have been for quite some time. In fact, there are all different types of personal injury cases out there, from car accident cases to motorcycle accident claims to claims of medical malpractice as well. For many people, filing a claim with a skilled personal injury lawyer will be more than worth it at the end of the day, especially when you consider that a scan 4% or so of all personal injury cases are not actually able to be settled in pre trial proceedings.

Car accident and motor vehicle accident cases are by and large the most common, making up more than 50% of all personal injury cases and followed distantly by medical malpractice cases alone. These cases are common for a number of different reasons, including t

Commercial Real Estate Law and Construction Law

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The construction industry is one of the largest in the entire United States today. Everything from suburban homes to apartments, banks, schools, and shopping malls must be built, and construction crews can be brought together to launch such a project. It should be noted, however, that the construction industry involves some risks to construction workers or their managers, and a construction lawyer may often be on retainer for a particular crew. If not, a contractor crew can look up a local construction law firm for legal assistance when problems arise during a project. Meanwhile, commercial real estate law can be an asset for homeowners who are trying to sell their property, and commercial real estate law can be complex without this legal aid. Therefore, a real estate lawyer can be found and hired by a homeowner who must navigate commercial real estate law while selling their home.


What is a Litigation Attorney ?

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Litigation attorneys also go by other names that you may have heard before. They are sometimes called litigators or trial lawyers. These attorneys handle civil lawsuits all the way from the investigation to appeal processes. Their role can be versatile depending on the case at hand and what it entails.

Pre-Trial Settlement Discussions

Depending on the situation, litigation attorneys may attempt to diffuse a situation before it goes to trial. They will handle settlement discussions and work to come to a solution that doesn’t involve going to court.

Case Investigation

Another duty of a litigator is to handle the initial investigation of the case. They assess the details and gather available evidence so that they can put together a solid case for their client. If necessary they will draft a plea for their client as well.

Representing Clients

Once the initial settlement discussion and case investigation has taken place then it is their job to rep

Going to Trial For Drunk Driving Accidents

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It is an unfortunate truth that many Americans are badly injured every year due to a car crash or car accident, a workplace accident, or more. Statistics are kept to determine how often and why Americans are harmed by workplace or road accidents, and a number of typical causes for injury have been determined. And in some cases, the at-fault party make find itself going to trial if litigation did not settle the matter. A drunk driver who injured someone in a crash, for example, may soon be going to trial for what they have done. Going to trial means hiring a criminal defense attorney. After a serious driver error incident such as drunk or distracted driving, and before going to trial, the at-fault party will want to mount a legal defense. How often does this happen? What might happen at the end of the trial?

Causes or Injury

Often, Americans are injured or even killed on the road, and traffic accidents are